HRSA Safety monthly update - key points

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HRSA Safety monthly update - key points

Elaine Parkin
After our capsize drills - (thanks and well done to everyone concerned) we know to stay with the boat in the event of a capsize. However, we are reminded to view these two videos again for general (essential) advice:  

Cold water.

"Please also review the housekeeping and equipment used in your gym and consider how many people are using it at one time." This message came after a junior rower was injured after slipping whilst holding disc type weights. It may be better for all ages to use weights with handles.

We may still get unnaturally hot weather in the autumn; continue to watch out for swimmers - one appeared right under a river crew's rigger without warning.

Motor boats:
"Rowers would be well advised to be prepared for the unexpected when in the vicinity of motor boats. They should not have to, but it is prudent to do so. The rules of navigation clearly state that motor gives way to oar power." I'd add to keep aware of everything round you (!) especially when it can be hard to judge a vessel's speed, or indeed if it's moving or not.